Receive additional discounts by setting up a Dealer or Distributor program

Our Dealer and Distributor program allows you to receive additional discounts based on the type of contract that you establish with our company. To establish a contract with us all you have to do is contact our representative (contact below) about the nature of your business to determine which contract fits best your needs.

Our Dealer Program

This contract is set up so that you receive a discount not based on volume per order, but on your weekly or monthly purchases of our products.

Our Distributor Program

This contract is designed and based on volume, and the special discounts are well worth it. These contracts are not available for everyone so contact our representative (contact below) and discuss the details and requirements of establishing a Distributor account.

For Dealer and Distributor Programs contact us at info@crossplus.eu.
We speak English, German, Slovene, Croatian and Serbian.

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