Passenger footpegs for cross & hard enduro motorcycles

Till now it was not possible to imagine the comfort and safety for the passenger on a ride with motocross & hard enduro motorcycles.

Most of those motorcycles don’t have serial made footpegs for the passenger.

Our product, an additional footpeg for the passenger, assures a completely new riding experience with motocross and hard enduro motorcycles, and enables best comfort for the passenger.

Use of CrossPlus footpegs

The possibilities of use are limited only by your imagination. Maybe you want to take a friend for a ride at the countryside, make a short cut to a cup of coffee or simply take someone from point A to point B. If you wish, that your passenger experiences the ride such motorcycles are made for, then the CrossPlus footpegs are the best, maybe the only option.

Do you appreciate great design?

We got it!

Easy 3-step installation

Another advantage is the simple mounting and dismantling. In three simple steps, without any tools, you can set up the passenger footpegs on the original ones. The dismantling is even easier.

Special characteristics

  • maximum load: 150 kg per pair,
  • great design,
  • perfect fit on the drivers footpegs,
  • highest comfort,
  • more safety for the passenger,
  • option of standing riding,
  • practically indestructible.

Material used: uncommon, special material, extremely hard and durable.

NOTE: CrossPlus footpegs are not suitable for extreme rides.